A Devine Destnation

Vrindavan, the heavenly abode of Lord Krishna is a domain of divinity. Vrindavan is considered the jewel of the Brijbhumi as the Lord Krishna left an indelible impression of childhood days there. The city of the lord reverberates with religious flavour. The sacred river Yamuna highlights its charm, flowing with the philosophy of life as preached by the Lord himself.

"Hare Krishna Orchid" is a proposal of pleasures unbound. Consisting of fully furnished Studio Apartments, 1 BHK, 2 BHK & Duplex Cottages, it has enticement of healthy living, meticulously planned with joggers tracks, gym, swimming pool and a lot more for rejuvenating both body and mind. The stay at Hare Krishna Orchid will culminate in a experience of unlimited joy with blessings of Lord Krishna.

For Panoramic and Yamuna View relaxing your mind & soul, delicious & tasty vegetarian food. Stay in “Hare Krishna Orchid”.